Treatment combining Chinese-originated Acupuncture and Italian-originated Electro-Homeopathy.

"Jiva" means "life" or "life-force"; "dhara" means "continuous flow".

Removes illness by making the flow of life steady and uninterrupted.

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Vision and Mission

Holistic Medical treatment systems are gaining momentum everywhere in the world. These systems treat man as a whole taking to consideration his physical, psychological, spiritual and social faculties enabling a complete cure. More over low cost of treatment, most of these treatments are from use natural ingredients for medicines most of them are free of side effects.

We have started JIVADHARA INSTITUTE OF NEURO DEVELOPMENT AND RESEARCH, Under Jivadhara Charitable Trust.


Our mission is to develop the Jivadhara System to a perfect treatment wing for diseases like cerebral palsy, mental retardation, autism, hyper activity, learning disorders, and many more.

We are moving ahead with a great aim to eliminate such ailments from the society so as to make a healthy new generation to the world. We with the aim of expanding the possibilities we have registered JIVADHARA CHARITABLE TRUST, and the paper works for the registration for other recognitions from various government bodies are progressing.

We concentrate in research for treating kids specially, that we need to save the next generation of kids from being avoided from the mainstream of life for being a victim of such “incurable” diseases. A kid with such a disease is a pain for the whole family thus healing a child with such a disease is a great relief to the whole family.

We have a batch of children completed treatment from Jivadhara institute, most of them are studying in normal schools as normal kids, and we follow up them in intervals of 4 to 6 months by checkups.

We are currently working in a rented building with 12 rooms and an annexes with 6 rooms which is also given for rent for patients. We have more than 300 patients in our rolls and more than a 100 patients take the treatment daily. And the number of patients is increasing day by day.

We collect donations from well wishers and philanthropists for the new projects of the Institute. We are keen to keep the cost of treatment to the lowest so that no patient drops the treatment due to the fees structure. We also have a poor fund which is to help the poor and needy patients who cannot afford even the lowest rates.

We do have volunteers who come to our centre to help the patients, to listen, to care and share their experience. We also have a prayer group initiated by the Jesus Youth volunteers on Thursdays which is a great relief to the patients and families.


We look forward for an own building, we require a minimum of 50 bedrooms and at least 5 acres of land for our future developments. We plan for a 20,000 square feet building as part one of phase II , with spacious treatment room, attached bed rooms, facilities like prayer/meditation room, state of the art physiotherapy centre with modern facilities, laboratory, library, a good canteen, play area cum recreation centre for kids.

We aim for a CT scan unit as it is very important to check and compare the brain developments of patients in each stage of treatment and a full-fledged, state of the art laboratory for the facilitation of the research in JIVADHARA.


The need to start good training centers in this field is very high. We need to impart this great know-how to the next generation. We look forward to start new training centers and colleges for training new batches of doctors in this stream. A good campus with all modern learning facilities is in our dreams.

We also wish to do research to expand our horizon of treatment to other chronic diseases and ailments which are possible in Jivadhara system but are held up due to the space and resource constrains.

We need to propagate this system, we aim to conduct seminars, and workshops, outreach programs other field programs like medical checkup camps to the interior villages and remote areas of the state and country for that we need to select and train a set of young and dynamic team of doctors with an attitude for helping the poor and needy.


We aim for an advanced rehabilitation centre for kids and elder ones who are not able to be looked after at home due to various reasons. We dream for a state of the art training centre will all advanced facilities for the patients to undergo treatment and to get trained themselves to be self reliant.