Treatment combining Chinese-originated Acupuncture and Italian-originated Electro-Homeopathy.

"Jiva" means "life" or "life-force"; "dhara" means "continuous flow".

Removes illness by making the flow of life steady and uninterrupted.

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Abhinav born on the 23rd July 2009 was admitted in the hospital NICU on the same day due to Tachypnea and Hypoglycemia Treatment in Dubai. There was no progress, after one month Doctor referred to Amrita Hospital Kochi where we met Dr P.K.Rajiv. After 3months Dr.P.K Rajiv advised the treatment under Dr.Sr.Mary. Abhinav started showing changes at Jivadhara in the very first course itself. Bilirubin content was showing normal after this course. We have completed six courses of Jivadhara treatment and the blood results were within the normal range. Now he has started walking, we thank Dr. Rajiv for his valuable suggestion and Dr. Sr. Mary Eassy for her treatment and prayers. Once again we express our sincere gratitude for all her lovable approach to us and we wish her all success, let God almighty shower all His blessings on her and Jivadhara and let many kids find their illness cured from this centre.


My daughter Priya was soundless, having a mild seizure and weightless before starting the Jivadhara treatment. Her birth weight was 2.3kg. Her lowest part of the body was thin. She was born in Angamaly. On the day of her birth we took the child to Amrita hospital in Eranakulam. Doctor’s response was hopeless, but Dr .Rajiv referred us to go to Dr. Sr. Mary Eassy for the Jivadhara treatment. Doctor certified that if you go for the Jivadhara treatment your child will become a normal one. Jivadhara treatment was a hope for us because God’s grace was with us.

We started the Jivadhara treatment when the child was 3 months old. Now 7 courses have completed. We noted changes and improvements during the 2nd and 3rd courses. She got neck holding capacity and her sound became normal during her 3rd course. During the 4th course she started to respond to call and listened to sounds. She started to laugh and play during her 5th course and in the 6th course she started to sit with support and tried to stand also. The neck became normal. During the 7th course she called me “mother” and started to cry also. These are the changes that we have noted in our child during the Jivadhara treatment.

We are satisfied with the treatment. We strongly believe that this treatment is a hope for the genetic disordered children to regain thier normalcy. Dr. Sr. Mary Eassy says that we should continue the treatment at least for one year for the complete recovery and we do believe that the God’s power helps us to move ahead.

Merine Joshy

My daughter is Merine Joshy who had Meningitis. Doctors told that she would be less energetic in all activities. My daughter had less muscle tone and was not having the balance to walk when we came to the Jivadhara treatment. After completing the 2nd course, she started to walk. Then she became active. We felt the improvement in her. Let this treatment bring hope to all the children who are undergoing this treatment. We thank Dr. Sr. Mary Eassy for her glorious work.


After the birth of my child Sameer he was affected by Meninjitis and we took him to Lakshmi Hospital, Ernakulam. Seizure was identified on the 7th day. We started doing Physiotherapy on the 28th day. We did MRI scan when he was 5 months old and it was diagnosed as West Syndrome. Brain damage was seen in the first EEG report. Dr. Vinayan from Amrita Hospital asked us to do physiotherapy and we heard about Jivadhara treatment with the help of our friend called Geo (Physiotherapist) who was working in Jivadhara. When we came to Jivadhara he was 6 months old. He was lacking neck holding and didn’t turn over. He had a notable squint. But when we started the course we noticed the changes in the first course itself. We noted during the 4th course that he got neck holding. Later on, we could identify a lot of improvements in our child. The number of seizures reduced after doing the Jivadhara treatment. During the 8th course the squint was reduced. During the 12th course, he stared to sit alone and stand with support .Now he became like a normal child. We are very much satisfied with this treatment. We thank Geo for guiding us to do Jivadhara treatment and also we wish God’s blessings on our Dr. Sr. Mary for her beautiful work.


No words can express my deep feeling of gratitude to Dr.Sr. Mary Eassy, the head of the Jivadhara institute, for making my daughter Rosily for what she is today. Rosily’s weight was below 2kg. Now after starting this treatment she gained weight. She had very shrill voice and now she has developed a better sound. She now sits alone and stands by holding. We thank God Almighty for everything and we will continue this treatment here as long as the baby can do things like others.


My Daughter Nimmi was diagnosed with Microcephaly and was under treatment at Amrita institute. lt was Dr. P.K. Rajiv who directed us to Dr. Sr. Mary Eassy. We started Jivadhara course when Nimmi was 6 months old. She had no response to any calls; she had no play and not even the social smile. She started showing improvement in the very first course itself and it gradually increased on the third course. She started to recognize us and respond through smile and play. After the 9th course, she started to walk with support and after the l8th course she started to run around. Jivadhara treatment is a miracle for us as the doctors had told that she will never walk. I would like to thank Dr. P.K Rajiv for guiding us. We thank Dr. Sr. Mary for her efforts, tireless attitude and love. I have seen her starting the treatment early in the morning till late night for all days of the week for patients like us with a smiling face. I would also like to thank the supporting staff of Jivadhara. I wish and pray that this treatment may reach all who are suffering from similar diseases.

Giji mol

We are from Wayanad district in Kerala. My daughter Gijimol, aged 7 ½ years was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, when she was 1 ½ year old from a hospital in Manipal. We had taken Ayurveda and Homeopathy treatment before coming to Jivadhara. We noted seizure when the homeopathy treatment was done. We stopped homeo and then again we continued the Ayurveda treatment for reducing the stiffness of the leg, but there was no improvement. At that time, she got severe fever and cough then we sought allopathic treatment in Wayanad. Doctor told us to do physiotherapy. We were hopeless with our child.

No doctors told about a successful treatment for this condition and she being a gift of God for us, we couldn’t avoid or abandon her. In this hopeless situation, we came to know about JIVADHARA through my husband’s friend who has a child under JIVADHARA treatment with lot of improvements and who is studying right now in 5th standard. After getting this information, we rushed to Jivadhara without sparing any moment. JIVADHARA treatment commenced when she was 6 ¾ year old. Dr. Sr. Mary told me not to expect a faster improvement but we could notice changes after the 8th course completion such as started to walk with support, neck holding gained, seizures reduced notably etc. Squint decreased completely when the 10th course was doing. Now she is able to lift her hands and fingers, gained neck holding, and got balanced hip control.

JIVADHARA stands for me as really a bright light because before this treatment we were completely in the darkness of hopeless world. Jivadhara could completely thrown a light on us and in our lives too. We thank the Almighty and Dr. Sr. Mary Eassy.

The original names of the above children are not publicized due to “privacy concerns”.